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I need food-related icon rite nao

I had another culinary fit yesterday, unexpected and out of nowhere. May I brag?

Salmon en papillote - four flavours

For two hungry people (or four not-so-much ones), you'll need:
2 salmon fillets, tin foil, various spices and herb mentioned below, garlick dried or fresh, one lemon.

Heat the oven to 200 centigrades.
Cut the fillets in two. Place them separately on a sheet of tin foil, approximatelly 25x25 cm. Use the whole lemon juice on them - don't worry, it won't be too sour. Salt them and sprinkle them with dried garlick. Now each of the fillets will receive different mix of spices.
1. Lovage, tarragon, nutmeg, white pepper.
2. Crushed juniper berries, crushed cloves, nutmeg, a dollop of honey or fruit syrup, dried ginger, cardamom.
3. Sweet pepper, hot pepper, coriander seeds, savory, crushed allspice.
4. A dollop of tomato sauce, basil, oregano, thyme, parsley leaves.
Wrap the salmon fillets in tinfoil and put them into the oven for 15 minutes. Then turn the heat off.

Now for the vegs.
You'll need one or two medium zucchini, a handful of dried tomatoes, goat quark and stir-fry mixed sprouts.
Steam the sliced zucchini, mix them with slightly warmed goat quark and tomatoes cut in narrow ribbons. Stir fry the sprouts and pour them over zucchini. You might want to add some hot spice to the sprouts.

Remove the fish fillets from the oven, put them unwrapped on the warm plate and serve with zucchini.

Yes, I prepared the dessert, too. :-)
You'll need a half pack of small round biscuits, mascarpone (250 g), 2-3 big handfuls of raspberries, 100 g of white chocolate, vanilla extract, fruit tea (only fruit, no actual tea in it ;) and fruit syrup.

Make tea: two bags of fruit tea for half a cup of boiling water. Add fruit syrup - the resulting infusion needs to be sweet and strong-flavoured.
Prepare the creme: melt the chocolate and mix it smoothly with mascarpone. Add some vanilla extract. If needed, add some sugar. (Not needed, really.)
Put the first layer of biscuits in the glass bowl, soak them a bit with the tea. Cover it with the creme layer, then the raspberry layer and biscuit layer... you get the drift.
Put the raspberry tiramisu in the fridge for a while.

Serve with a nice dry white wine, preferably one with citrus/pear or rose notes: Chardonnay or Gewurtztraminer are delicious.

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