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Rambling about two salads

You know what? I haven't posted about food in a while, which is a gross indecence, as food-related everything stays on my Top Ten list of indispensable, wonderful things*.
Don't expect a recipe whose complexity equals this of Ramsey Gordon/Jamie Olivier/Julia Child - these are just two salads often appearing on our table.

Rucola salad

A bunch of rucola (or any other slightly bitter salad)
raspberries (fresh or frozen) that could be substituted or just mixed with grapes
almonds or pumpkin seeds
olive oil AND pumpkin seed oil
Modena vinegar
goat cheese (goat quark preferably) but mozzarella is ok, too
mint, cardamom, rosemary, sage, ground white pepper, thyme

Toss it all together. ;-) Wonderful with any Italian style dish.

Guacamole Ija style

2 big soft avocados
cherry tomatoes, a handful or two
shallot onions or any small, mild-flavoured onions
a big bell pepper
some fresh or pickled chillies (jalapeno, piri-piri, or you're feeling daring, habanero)
salt, sweet pepper, hot pepper, ground nutmeg, ground allspice, savory (a lot), ground coriander seeds, mint, lemon/lime juice, fresh parsley leaves (a lot)

Pulp avocados with lime juice, yoghurt and the spices. Add finely chopped onions and chillies, mix well. Halve the tomatoes, chop the bell pepper, arrange them artistically on avocado pulp. ;-) It's scrumptious with pseudo-Mexican dishes or any kind of Tex-Mex food. Works quite well with Arabic quisine, too.

(I seem to lack any food-related icon. Time to rectify it.)

* In no order at all: dreaming, food, reading, salsa & ballroom dancing, mountain trekking, solving logic puzzles, packing presents, being on a receiving end of hour long massage, drawing, debating until someone falls down. :D


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